La gran reforma a la Ley del Consumidor: ¿Cómo puede afectar a las empresas?

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Hoy, 14 de marzo de 2019, comienza a regir en Chile la Nueva Ley del Consumidor.

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Cuevas Abogados conmemorando el día internacional de la Mujer

Mujer, Mujeres, Día De La Mujer

¿Cómo avanzamos para lograr la igualdad de género en el mundo laboral? 

El 8 de marzo, declarado por la ONU como Día Internacional de la Mujer, conmemora la lucha de la mujer por su participación en la sociedad, en condiciones de igualdad con el hombre.

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Access to Workers’ e-mail: Protection of Personal Data of Third Parties





On January 23, the Supreme Court rejected the unification of the case law of a worker who had reported that her dismissal originated after her employer decided, without her authorization, to review her institutional email,Read More

Equal Remuneration Between Men and Women: Where Is Your Company Positioned?



The European Salary Equality Day was celebrated on November 3, a date that marks the symbolic moment from which European women begin to work “for free”, with 16% of the working year still remaining. In fact, according to figures provided by the European Statistical Office of the European Commission (Eurostat), in Europe women earn 16.2% less than men, which means that women work for two months a year for free compared to your male co-workers.Read More

Property Brokers and VAT


More and new players are entering the property brokerage business, and this raises doubts about whether this activity is taxed with the Value Added Tax (VAT). In order to clarify these doubts, step to expose in a clear and simple tax rules that apply to each case.Read More

Migratory Regulation Process and New Visas



The extraordinary process of regularization of migrants and the announcement of new visas promoted by the Government last April, have caused the need for a reengineering of the Department of Immigration.

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Business Expenses and Tax Modernization



Cuevas Abogados attended the conference on the project of the Tax Modernization Law 2018 held at Club 50, an event attended by well-known actors in the field of Tax Law, such as attorney Soledad Recabarren (Director of the Master in Tax Law from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) and Carolina Fuensalida (Tax Advisor from the Ministry of Finance).

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Modification Norms to Regularize the Possession of the Small Real State

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The objective sought by this law is to safeguard the rights of third parties, potential opponents of regularization, when there are requests of this type before National Assets, adding requirements and modifying deadlines for this procedure. The modifications that were made and that seek the aforementioned objective are the following:

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The “Golden Dream” between Russia and Chile



For the Director of the National Committee for Economic Cooperation with Latin American Countries, Tatiana Mashkova, the signing of a Free Trade Agreement between Chile and Russia would be “a golden dream” . Why so much illusion?

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What is an Arbitration Clause?


The arbitration clause is one that is contained in a contract and that submits disputes that arise after the conclusion of the agreement to the knowledge of an arbitrator.


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