Ley Urbanística – Por Felipe Velastín


Ley sobre Transparencia del Mercado del Suelo e Incrementos de Valor por Ampliaciones del Límite Urbano.

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Approach of the Chilean Market – By Jean Ramos


Amongst Latin American countries, Chile is probably the country where investors run the lowest risk.

Nevertheless, this risk exists and if, as the proverb says, “Nothing ventures, nothing gained!“, taking the maximum precautions is not useless.

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Plan and Measures to promote Productivity & Investment – By Joaquín Erlbaun


The new bill aiming for modernisation of public gestion and Productivity & Investment support had been accepted by the  Chamber of Deputies, on Thursday 25th January 2018.

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Luxembourg Cross Border Merger – Ann Bruggeman


Companies may combine forces in several manners and mainly in the following (i) the purchasing of shares, (ii) the purchasing of a business or part of a business, (iii) domestic or cross border mergers, and (iv) public offers for shares. The purpose of this article will be to introduce you to the legal merger system in Luxembourg.

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amb.portugal -31-01

EL 31 DE ENERO 2018

Today in Cuevas Abogados we welcomed the Comercial Attaché of the Portuguese Ambassy.


(from left to right) Matías Robertson, Joaquín Erlbaun, Felipe Velastin, Gustavo Cuevas, Luis Sequeira & Maria Elena Reyes


1st Networking of the year for the Franco-Chilean & Spanish Chamber of Commerce

(3er de izq. a der. : Gustavo Cuevas)


JANUARY, 30rd 2018

Managers and associates of the French- Chilean and Spanish Chambers of Commerce meet up for the first networking of the year in Santiago of Chile.


(3rd from the left: Gustavo Cuevas, Manager of Cuevas Abogados)

Netmentora & Cuevas Abogados

Desayuno con Veronika Fischer de Netmentora (2) 29-01-18


JANUARY, 30rd 2018

This morning in the Cuevas Abogados offices we received Veronika Fischer from Netmentora for a breakfast with our team.


from left to right:

Joaquín Erlbaun, Renato Catalan, Felipe Velastín, Gustavo Cuevas, Maria Elena Reyes & Matías Robertson.


Las Reformas al Procedimiento de Justicia Tributaria



EL 11 DE ENERO 2018

Nuestro abogado Renato Catalán (izq.) cuando participó en el Seminario LLM UC de la Universidad Católica, sobre el tema de “Las Reformas al Procedimiento de Justicia Tributaria”.


Las reformas al procedimiento de Justicia Tributaria

Nuestro abogado director del área Contencioso Económico, Renato Catalán, participará en el Programa de Magister en Derecho LLM-UC el jueves 11 de enero a las 8h30 sobre “Las reformas al procedimiento de Justicia Tributaria“. Disertará sobre los desafíos que esta modificación trae a los abogados litigantes.


Inscripciones: melissaguzman@uc.cl


Para mayores informaciones, haga click en el siguiente enlace: Las reformas al procedimiento de Justicia Tributaria

The liberating power of regulation

IMG_0321 (3)


Last September, the Supreme Court unified the case law establishing that the power to release the regulation extends only to what is expressly stated in it. Consequently, the power to release the settlement signed with the legal formalities and without the expression of a reservation of rights is limited.
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