SMEs: How to successfully Implement your Business in Chile? Part II: Total or Partial Purchase of a Local Structure – by Jean Ramos



We will analyse the conditions of success when you first make business in Chile.

You are now attempting, maybe for the first time, to implement your business in Latin America or you may already have started your development here. Of course, you have previously determined that Chile offers the possibility of installing a solid plateform from where it will then be possible to expend on neighboring countries.

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Laurence Kiffer Lecture – International Arbitration

Invitación Universidad-1


Conference: Arbitration Clauses in International Contractual Relationships

Thursday, June 7: Do not miss the Laurence Kiffer intervention t the Católica University of Derecho in Santiago de Chile!Read More

Century 21 – Welcome to Chile !

century 21

We warmly welcome to Chile our new cliente Century 21, worldwide leader in Estate Agencies.

Welcoming the BTSA-TC from Alsace, France




One week ago in our offices we were receiving with great joy the BTSA-TC class (Technico- Sales in Viticulture & Eonology) from the region Alsace (France) for their first day in Chile !

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M&A: What to expect in 2018? – Ann Bruggeman


The market and activity of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a clear reflection of the economy and politics of a country.

On a global level, 2016 and 2017 were extremely good years in the M&A practice, transactions in stocks and bonds were very high, with volumes similar to the maximums that have been recorded during the golden years in 2006 and 2007.

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SMEs: How to Succesfully Implant your Business in Chile – by Jean Ramos


To approach the Latin American market in a sustainable way, Chile is undoubtedly the country where it is possible to settle a solid base from which it will be possible to shine on the neighboring countries.

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Chile: Disability Rights – Employment – by María Elena Reyes



(CHILEAN LAW – 21.015)

This new law will be enforceable as of April 1, 2018, and aims that, in the public, private sectors and in institutions with 100 or more employees or workers, at least 1% must be persons with disabilities or invalidity pension recipients of any pension regime.

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Chile: Real Estate Appraisals – By Joaquín Erlbaun





From January 1st, 2018, began the process of revaluation of non-agricultural real estate. It is a mechanism that is applied every 4 years, in which the SII (Chilean Intern Tax Service) updates properties’ appraisals.


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Ley Urbanística – Por Felipe Velastín


Ley sobre Transparencia del Mercado del Suelo e Incrementos de Valor por Ampliaciones del Límite Urbano.

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Approach of the Chilean Market – By Jean Ramos


Amongst Latin American countries, Chile is probably the country where investors run the lowest risk.

Nevertheless, this risk exists and if, as the proverb says, “Nothing ventures, nothing gained!“, taking the maximum precautions is not useless.

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