Practice Areas

  • Bank, Finance and Capital Market

Cuevas Abogados advises foreign banks and their subsidiaries in Chile in traditional financing, project financing, bonds and commercial paper issuing, securitization, financial restructuring, financial regulatory standards, compliance, insurance, foreign investment, foreign exchange regulations, factoring, leasing, and more.

In matters of Capital Market, our areas of expertise include advising on regulatory standards of the market, administrative law, publicly traded corporations, securities issues, stock market regulations, stock exchanges, advice related to the Security and Insurance Commission, institutional investors, reporting, conflicts of interest, public offerings, takeovers, opening of societies, and others.

  • Foreign Investment

Cuevas Abogados advises foreign companies looking to develop their businesses in Chile. This area of practice includes advice on tax planning and regulation of capital inflows, exchange regulations, foreign investment contracts, planning of investment platforms for Latin America, and the implementation of those platforms.

  • Litigation and Arbitration

Cuevas Abogados offers innovative and experienced advising on litigation and arbitration proceedings and assists clients in the prevention of conflicts in relevant sectors of a company. Our firm has had high success rates in the resolution of arbitration, commercial, labour, and tax conflicts, both in Chile and abroad.

Our areas of expertise include bankruptcy, mediation, court negotiations, and administrative procedures.


  • Consumer Rights

Our firm provides advice to companies from diverse economic sectors in the consumer rights area, either preventively, or in the litigation of complaints and disputes leading to administrative processes, offering permanent assistance in complying with information requests and inquiries conducted by the National Consumer Service.

  • Comercial and Corporate Law

Cuevas Abogados has vast experience in the area of corporate and commercial law. We advise companies nationally and internationally through our comprehensive network of research partners in Latin America as well as in Europe and Asia. Our firm includes corporate and societal advisory services, intellectual property, national and international commercial contracts, consumer law, and antitrust and unfair competition legislation.


  • Mergers and Acquisitions

This area of practice is one of the most important and intense for Cuevas Abogados due to Chile’s economic development as a commercial platform in South America. We are proud of the renown earned by our team of lawyers for their great knowledge, experience, and diligence.

We advise national and international companies in matters of mergers, divisions and business reorganization, purchase and sale of businesses and assets, processes of business associations or joint ventures, legal, tax, labour, and environmental due diligence, public offerings, and takeovers.

Within this area we also have extensive experience in advising venture capital investments in all types of industries, both for investors as well as entrepreneurs.

The advice regarding different modalities for the transfer of assets are carried out by partners and senior lawyers of Cuevas Abogados, all of whom have extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions.


  • Real Estate and infrastructure

Cuevas Abogados advises domestic and international businesses through an extensive knowledge of the property market and the procurement and concession of infrastructure projects.

Our experience has focused on providing advice on real estate and tourism projects, real estate finance, construction and public and private infrastructure procurement and contracts, hotel operation contracts, and long-term real estate leasing as a method of investment.

Cuevas Abogados assists companies in all stages of their real estate and infrastructure projects, allowing us to advise, negotiate, and create agreements where the commercial and legal interests of our clients are always protected.


  • City Planning Regulation

Our office has a broad experience in the interpretation of Territorial Planning Instruments and offers innovative assistance to evaluate the viability of              projects or business matters, while following urban planning legislation. We are also developing strategies to add value to buildings, lands and                        landmarked areas.

  • Labour Law and Social Security Counseling

Cuevas Abogados offers continual and comprehensive advice to clients in relation to labour and social security matters for the prevention and management of conflict. Cuevas Abogados clients are national and international companies mainly from France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and China, who require general advice on labour and social security matters, drafting and revision of contractual documents, labour lawsuits, labour audits, claims against administrative fines, risk prevention, industrial accidents, and ending an employment contract.

Our team provides ongoing support to its clients by advising on staffing and day-to-day management of companies in compliance with labour and social security regulation.


  • Counseling for Collective Bargaining Process

Our firm advises companies in different areas in collective bargaining processes. Cuevas Abogados advises clients from the planning process of collective bargaining until the signing of the contract or collective agreements, providing the necessary tools to find common ground and reach agreements.


  • Labour Audit

Cuevas Abogados also offers diagnostic labour audit services developed exclusively by our firm to provide our customers with a complete and detailed analysis of their instruments, policies, and labour practices, in order to promptly correct any deficiencies identified and minimize the risk of labour disputes.


  • Visas and Immigration

Cuevas Abogados provides clients with comprehensive advice on immigration matters, drafting employment contracts for foreigners in compliance with Chilean immigration legislation, approval of visas, permits, change of immigration status, extension of residence, and permanent residence. Our services stem from the need for comprehensive advice on immigration, covering all the issues of a worker’s expatriation process, to facilitate the integration and adaptation of the expatriate.


  • Labour Trials

Our study assumes the legal representation of companies both in labour cases before the courts, and in mediation of labour disputes brought to the              Department of Labour.


  • Tax Effects – Work

Cuevas Abogados offers employment law and tax system assistance in global mobility processes for employees, whether they are expatriates or not, seeking to optimize the tax burden according to the legislation and treaties that apply in the country of residence, to avoid double taxation.

  • Tax Advice

The Cuevas Abogados tax team is an interdisciplinary group of lawyers and accountants, with an extensive background, in the tax administration (IRS), private practice and educational programs in the country’s most prestigious universities and post-graduate programs. Our team has vast experience in national and international taxation, enabling them to guarantee high standards of quality, value, responsibility and excellence in their work.

Our team provides high quality services in corporate and asset reorganization, identifying the tax effects associated with the operations, and recommending the best options to generate savings under the current tax regulatory framework.

We offer international tax advice, helping businesses with international trade and pricing issues.

We generate tax optimization by helping our clients improve the strategic and operational performance of the entire tax cycle, identifying risks and inefficiencies, cooperating in the implementation of best practices in an efficient and sustainable way, taking into account the business development of the company, the regulatory changes, and the implementation of technology.

We have positioned ourselves as experts in the fields of taxation, corporate law, transactions, restructuring, tax compliance and tax optimization. We also have an expertise in hereditary tax planning.


  • Tax Compliance

Cuevas Abogados offers an efficient tax compliance service, which allows companies to free up valuable time in supporting their businesses, because it incorporates consistent processes and controls, filling the knowledge gap that can exist by operating in various locations and under different tax regimes, taking advantage of the experience and technology of companies that can coordinate tax compliance processes in several jurisdictions.


  • Tax Defence

In the area of taxation, it is crucial to rely on an adequate, prepared, and experienced legal protection regarding the rights and guarantees of taxpayers, as a limit to the powers conferred to the tax administration by our legislation. Our team has an extensive experience in the representation and defence of our clients, in the administrative instance before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and in the tax jurisdictional instance, by assuming the representation of our clients before the tax courts, Appeal and Supreme courts.

  • Economic Penal Law

The criminal law practice of Cuevas Abogados is specialized in economic and fiscal crimes, with a multidisciplinary team that allows its clients to have an adequate protection of their rights.

Cuevas Abogados has successfully taken on the representation of its clients, either by obtaining exemplary condemnations, or by demonstrating the innocence of its customers.


  • Penal Compliance

Cuevas Abogados makes the most of its knowledge and experience in the creation of effective crime prevention mechanisms, to guide and organize corporate governments, directors, administration and business associates.

We offer strategic, personalized advice with extensive experience in penal matters to properly face  the compliance challenges in this area, and to ensure the safety of companies or individuals facing penal liabilities.