Our Firm


Cuevas Abogados was founded in 2002 and is located in the new business center of Santiago, Nuevas Las Condes.

Today, the firm has numerous partners, associate attorneys, and external directors.

By thinking of new challenges which companies and people have to deal with in Chile, Cuevas Abogados strengthens and develops its various areas of expertise, espacially its Fiscal department.


In today’s world, a business needs prominent, experienced advisors with a clear international vision in order to develop, especially as globalization-driven international competition is very high.

Cuevas Abogados is an ideal partner for the development of projects in Chile and the rest of the world. Its membership in the international network of lawyers Pragma, in the ICC ( International Chamber of Commerce ) and in the IFA ( the only non-governmental or sectorial international organization dedicated to the fiscal questions) allows Cuevas Abogados to support its customers in the growth of their businesses world-wide, with the same quality and the same professionalism.

Our international vision and excellent team of lawyers, who provide services in Spanish, English and French, allow us to advise foreign companies that are looking to grow in Chile as well as Chilean businesses that would like to develop their activities abroad.