Migratory Regulation Process and New Visas



The extraordinary process of regularization of migrants and the announcement of new visas promoted by the Government last April, have caused the need for a reengineering of the Department of Immigration.

While awaiting the new immigration law, there is a feeling of uncertainty, which is reflected in the slowness in carrying out procedures and the difficulty of obtaining “hours” to carry them out. This is done through a new time scheduling system, which undoubtedly has good intentions, but whose results have not been as expected. In the interim period, the implementation deadlines for new visas have been met, which we will review.

  • International Orientation Visa

For postgraduate students from some of the 150 best foreign academic institutions (ranking used by Scholarships Chile). This visa is granted from abroad, at the Consulates of Chile.

  • National Orientation Visa

For students with a postgraduate degree at an accredited Chilean university. It must be requested within a period of two years from the degree. This visa is granted in Chile, in the Department of Immigration.

  • Temporary Opportunity Visa

Directed to people who want to look for work in Chile. It is granted to technicians and professionals who travel to Chile in search of work and residence. The application process is from August 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018, and there are 3000 places. It is based on a scoring system that considers academic grade, age, language, profession and territory where you want to live.

  • Temporary Visa for entrepreneurs or investors

The application process is from August 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018, and there are 1000 places. It is also based on a scoring system and to credit an investment over $ 100,000 USD.

The new Visas point to a new immigrant profile, but this is not accompanied by real changes in the Department of Immigration that allow a good implementation. On the contrary, the delays in the processing of Visas and Permanence in Chile have doubled.

CUEVAS ABOGADOS, accompanies its clients in the Visa process in Chile, providing advice and answers during this stage.


By María Elena REYES



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