Business Unit


International companies operating in Chile or willing to settle in this country have growing expectations when it comes to law firms, as have Chilean businesses groups that would like to invest or develop their activities abroad.

The days of clients seeking only legal advice are gone. Today, companies want a more global support and wish to deal with a minimum of actors when trust is established.


The international law firm Cuevas Abogados is known for its ability to provide its clients with légale advice addressing all their legal requirements when it comes to implantation in Chile or internationalization in the area.

Understanding the evolution of their needs, Cuevas Abogados has invited Jean RAMOS in order to create a Business Unit lin a partnership enabling them to offer a range of services covering all the aspects of a company’s life.

Their clients will be supported from the settling of subsidies or the acquisition of companies to the optimization of their management and their development.


The Business Unit is composed of a multidisciplinary team – lawyers, economists and engineers – and benefits from the skill of a network of specialists through long standing agreements.






Gustavo Cuevas BUGustavo CUEVAS is the Legal Director of the law firm he founded in 2002, Cuevas Abogados. Before that, he was in charge of the legal services of Crédit Lyonnais in Chile.

He is a graduate in Civil Law from the Law Faculty of Paris II Panthéon Assas with the highest distinction. He is also a graduate in Law from the Law Faculty of Universidad de Chile, again with the highest distinction.

He is the vice-chairman of PRAGMA (international network of lawyers), the chairman of the OTIC of the Franco-Chilean Trade Chamber and a member of the CCI-FC’s board.



Mail: gcuevas@cuevasabogados.cl




Jean Ramos BUJean RAMOS, in charge of the Business Unit, is a French civil engineer graduated from the French “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers”and is a government nominated French Foreign Trade Advisor.

He has been in charge of major projects such as COLBUN-MACHICURA or VALLE NEVADO and worked in large corporations including SPIE BATIGNOLLES, VINCI, Groupe SUEZ, ALSTOM, etc…

More recently, he has been the General Manager of the Franco-Chilean Trade Chamber for the last 7 years.



Mail: jramos@cuevasabogados.cl





Armando Uribe BUWith his high skills in international cooperation and his knowledge of complex projects structuring, Armando URIBE coordinated significant urban projects as the permanent representative of the Région Île-de-France in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago between 2012 and 2016.

He was adjunct professor at the university of Cergy-Pontoise and Deputy of the Secretary General of the Latin Union (a intergovernmental organization gathering 35 countries).

He is graduated from the Faculté de Lettres of the french university l’université La Sorbonne (Paris IV) with a specialization in the french political philosophy of the late avec comme spécialité la philosophie politique francaise de la fin du XVIIIe siècle.



Mail: auribe@cuevasabogados.cl